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img-res21-boss-rpt.png U.S. Army BOSS Program Marketing

The BOSS program is a solider driven initiative, serving as a positive life reinforcing voice for the single soldier community. Having an extensive history with the program, The BOSS Report delivers brand application insights and a selective history of HQ, Region and base-level products used to promote the program globally.

Part 1. Display Products
Tents, displays and signs deployed for outreach and promotion
Part 2. Staff & Event Apparel
Brand applications used to outfit staff and promote the program
Part 3. Promotional
Select promotional items used to engage the soldier community

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img-res22-baseball-sm.jpg Event Planning 101

“Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest”
- Mark Twain

Three concepts should cross a planner’s mind when an event appears on the horizon and product-based advertising will be utilized.

     1) Budget,
     2) Lead Time
     3) Six O’Clock


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img-res20-special-events-sm Special Events & Sponsorship Platforms

Air Shows, Athletic Runs, Concerts, Team Competitions, Golf Tournaments, Service-Member Homecomings, Program Conferences all provide a favorable setting for program advertising. When publicizing such events, the instrument best suited to entice and engage the human spirit is PRODUCT-BASED ADVERTISING (PBA).

Unlike digital platforms, branded products echo a brand message beyond the binary signal, with stimulative reoccurring visibility amongst family, friends and peers. Better yet, most offer design space for tiered sponsorship advertising.






img-res19-american-style-02-sm.jpgAmerican Style (New Promo Plus)

Dawn, no matter where we encounter the word in our language, it conjures thoughts of a new beginning, a sense of hope and optimism.

Despite deliberate distractions placed before us by those who seek our demise, Americans hasten toward a period of renewal and this belief is confirmed by our heritage.






img-res18-moving-on-02-sm.jpgMoving On In 2022

Welcome back to 2019, when peace was more contagious than the flu, the economy strong, a fauci was simply a brand of Sicilian sickles and our response to a loved one’s sneeze was a wish of good health and a box of Kleenex. While failing in their promises of unity is somewhat hereditary, many patriotic Americans simply have taken their mother’s cure and moved on with life beyond the measure of forlorn bureaucrats.






img-res18-moving-on-02-sm.jpgWinter Seasonal Guide

Despite contrarian suggestions and beach front purchases by those suggesting otherwise, mother nature remains both supportive and predictable. Simply ask the trillion-dollar apparel industry, which continues to supply our artic cold to summer light clothing necessities. Resulting from these patterned temperature changes, the products used to ‘personally engage and communicate’ with those served likewise shift to predictable seasonal solutions.






img-res18-moving-on-02-smIndustry Report 2021-2022

The fostered American dependency on other nations for essential products continues to wreak havoc in our economy, while less confident forecasting and longer delivery lead times are causing substantial delays at our ports. Couple this with Washington’s ever more innovative and pressing employment restrictions and one can see their sincere desire for an alternative economic system. Combined, these foreshadow continued product shortages and increasing consumer costs.






img-res18-moving-on-02-smEvent Applications

How do you promote a brand with products? For special event DoD organizations promoting entertainment, their selection process emphasizes a festive and celebratory spirit, with their brands emerging as popular icons. As a project management organization with over (3) decades of experience, McGRAPHIX Advertising Products continues to work with special event programs, providing production resources and management expertise for a full range of industry product.






img-res18-moving-on-02-smLove Thy American Printer

The dignity that comes with a good paying job is the essence of what is today called Environment, Social & Governance investing. As buyers of printed products, your organization is a direct investor in the future success of our American economy, our working citizens and our standing as a nation. For decades past and unto this day, much of American manufacturing has been assaulted and shuttered by Chinese government actions supported legislativly by the corrupt Washington political class.






img-res10-polos-smPolo Shirt Buying Guide

Polos for organizational identity programs are referred to in the industry as sport, knit or golf shirts and are often classified according to fabric content. Some are made using natural fibers while others are 100% synthetic or some combination of both. Better quality shirts have side seams, side vents or gussets providing multi panel construction, delivering a better shape retention than basic tubular construction






img-res10-polos-smDress Shirt Buying Guide

Within the industry, they go by a trifecta of industry names including dress, button down and woven shirts and are featured in virtually every modern wardrobe.  Many people wear these shirts for work and when buying them, there are multiple options to consider.  The discussion hear covers material, woven fabric styles, finishing treatments, sizes and collars options. 






img-res10-polos-smActivewear Buying Guide

This Buying Guide provides industry insight to the decorated apparel buying decision, thereby aligning delivered results with expectations. Apparel purchases for organization branding efforts can be a daunting exercise if one looks at the sheer magnitude of available mill labels and product offerings. Nevertheless, the decorated apparel industry, as is the retail market, is simply competition between brands operating within multiple price-point (read quality) categories.






img-res-11-promo-smPromotional Products Buying Guide

Promotional Products is a $20 billion a year industry and continually trends with societal fashion. Studies place it second to billboards for advertiser cost per impression (CPI) and offers a lower CPI than prime-time television, national magazines and newspapers. When considering the recipient of promotional products is often the exact market segment the advertiser is trying to reach, the resulting brand exposure perpetuates itself immeasurably.







Thanks again for making this happen on such short notice! The Marines and family members will truly benefit from all the hard work you and your staff have done! Thank you for supporting us during this challenging time!
Truly yours,
Family Team Building Dir, U.S. Marine Forces Atlantic






img-res18-moving-on-02-smSuccessful Award Programs

Competitive organizations need to make employees feel valued. A national survey by Robert Half International found that, ahead of compensation issues, limited praise and recognition was ranked as the primary reason why employees leave their jobs. A recognition program of any kind and purpose can be created.  The following list are the primary types applicable to the corporate environment: