img-res19-american-styleDAWN - no matter where we encounter the word in our language, it conjures thoughts of a new beginning, a sense of hope and optimism.

Despite deliberate distractions placed before us by those who seek our demise, Americans hasten toward a period of renewal and this belief is confirmed by our heritage.

This assertion is backed by our nation’s history, when the will of the people merges with providence and exceptional leadership to counter the entrenched and destructive narrative. Those we cite as relevant to the today’s rising tide of war, division and profound economic issues include Jackson, Lincoln, Lindbergh, Kennedy, King, Reagan and Trump.




This spirit of American nationalism is our salvation and remains the guiding principle of McGRAPHIX Advertising Products. Founded in 1983 by a U.S. Army Sergeant (Ret) and an adventurous son, the company now celebrates (40+) years in business and a new dawn.

For 2023, we announce the completion of PROMO PLUS, our comprehensive advertising product website. It features complete digital compatibility, but more importantly, its substance reflects our (25) year affiliation with the American Armed Forces, American industry and the American worker.

Central to our entire website platform are value-add products exclusively decorated from facilities within the United States, Canada and Mexico, reflecting the terms of the 2020 United States-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement (USMCA). This criterion filters out Chinese value-added products, such as event tents and arches, coins and lanyards; prevalent in the industry however, suspect to human rights violations and destructive to American enterprise and the citizens they employ. Instead, we feature the original higher priced American version of the same.



Meeting the special event demands of the American military requires significant adaptations. Over our history, buyers have demanded more of our services and McGRAPHIX Advertising Products has delivered, with an ever-increasing broad spectrum of industry affiliations. To date, over (150) small and medium size American companies have joined our ranks. These affiliates represent leaders in product innovation, quality and performance, while providing ‘substantive price competition’ within our platform. And unlike the industry behemoth not mentioned here, neither ourselves nor our affiliates are owned by a European hedge fund.






  • NEW Marquee Event Tents from 20’ x 20’ to 20’ x 40

  • USA Made Inflatables Arches for Athletic Events

  • Portable Teleworking Euro-fit Straight & Green Screen Walls

  • Canvas Wall Prints



  • CURRENT INVENTORY available in our Featured Catalogs

  • PROMO PLUS offers (22) Additional Apparel Lines

  • (16) National Decorating Facilities

  • NEW ATHLETIC line features full Alleson & Pro Sphere Design Customization

  • Free Digitizing & Print Set-up Specials



  • Comprehensive Resource of American Decorated Industry Product

  • (150+) Quality Driven American Companies

  • (16) National Decorating Facilities

  • Dozens of Industry & Retail Brands in Multiple Products Categories


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