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Air Shows, Athletic Runs, Concerts, Team Competitions, Golf Tournaments, Service-Member Homecomings, Program Conferences and Community Outreach Events all provide a favorable setting for program advertising. When publicizing such events, the instrument best suited to entice and engage the human spirit is PRODUCT-BASED ADVERTISING (PBA). Unlike digital platforms, branded products echo a brand message beyond the binary signal, with stimulative reoccurring visibility amongst family, friends and peers. Better yet, most offer design space for tiered sponsorship advertising.


McGRAPHIX Advertising Products delivers a multi-facetted and engaging level of service

  • Budgets met with multiple product solutions resulting from one-on-one project planning reviews

  • Graphic standards are employed to develop, audit and produce quality production imagery

  • Project management procedures deliver anticipated results On-Time and On-Budget

Outdoor Special Event ‘Product Deployment’

img-res20-dsp-337122From our extensive experience, we present the following ‘Special Event Scenario’, with multiple product suggestions conveniently accessible via the PROMO PLUS area of our website.


Deploy in High Traffic Areas: GeoMetrix Floor Displays #337122, Retractors #261134, Table Covers #109002 and Table Top Displays #141009

For onsite poster & banner printing capabilities, display outdoors with Ballast Flex Sign #263007, Ground Mount Banner Hardware #210106, #241013** or Boulevard Banners #302035 and #302201

** Source DISPLAY SOLUTIONS #1 catalog under our main Tents ▪ Signs ▪ Displays section



Open the show with a Headliner Banner Display #263400, meet and greet with a Premium Event Tent #240639 or #241180 with Back Walls #240184 and Outdoor Fitted Table Throw #107060

Outfit the staff with Embroidered Polos #ST650

Provide participants with Event Badges #ET-50, Lanyards #4-SUBL-58-YDS, Performance Tee-Shirts #21M, Water Bottles #TXB24H, Cooling Sport Towels #CT-30, Hot / Cold Packs #WHF-PP15 in Plastic Bags #21CD1216.

Direct traffic to staging area with Inflatable Arch #110025, Barricade Banners #302092, img-res20-dsp-263420Sail Flags #191418, Flags 3’x5’ #304535 w/ Pole & Stake #304737, Fence Banners #304952 and sponsors highlighted throughout with Outdoor Ballast Signs #263420.

Engage attendees during event with Outdoor Event Cooler Kit #280240, Plastic Stadium Cups #S22C RC, Custom Label Bottled Water, TrashWork Wrap #271142, EMS Tent #240614, FrameWorx Flex Banner Ballast Display #210343, Cornhole Game #106REGULATION, Prize Wheel #280084, Embroidered Caps #AD969, Polarize Sunglasses #SUNPOL, Sunscreen #SB102, Wipes #SP105, Cooling Towels #H715, Event Tee-Shirts #560MR, Thermo-Tote #39ACS1315, Ultimate Flyers #FLY175 and Sport Bottles #39571.


Eat and refresh in the shade provided by Marquee Tents 20’x40’ #170047 or #170044, Party Cups #CUP16, Stemless Wine Glasses #542 and record photo narratives with traffic safe Splash ‘Step & Repeat’ Floor Displays #341009.

Every Picture Tells A Story

img-res20-teeProgram & Event Samples

1) Apparel Showcase

2) Display Showcase

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As an American small business with extensive industry credentials, we are responsive to the timing and coordination needs of military, corporate marketing and special event personnel. Please let us know what information we can provide or support we can deliver to assist your organization with an upcoming event or communication initiative.

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