The BOSS program is a solider driven initiative, serving as a positive life reinforcing voice for the single soldier community. Having an extensive history with the program, The BOSS Report delivers brand application insights and a selective history of HQ, Region and base-level products used to promote the program globally.

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This section outlines a series of display products previously provided by or made available to the United States Army BOSS program service-members.  Additional product and pricing information for the highlighted items can be found in our Display Showcase area under the Tents ▪ Displays ▪ Signs section. 

Based upon the needs of the individual program, many additional product category styles exist.  These can be customized to the needs of the program.  For assistance, please feel free to contact McGRAPHIX Advertising Products.



The 10' BOSS Tent is a staple of the program outreach efforts worldwide. It’s visible peak, unique graphics, bold backwall and valance messaging serves as the program's largest and most visible advertising platform. However, it has multiple observable issues.  First, the dated website and social media addresses undermine, rather than bolster the program. Second, IMCOM incorrectly designed the canopy graphics, leaving the BOSS logo too low and too small for effective visibility. And finally, the IMCOM insignia is dated.

To correct these issues, McGRAPHIX Advertising Products has updated the canopy graphics with a larger BOSS logo and placed it above the visible line of sight. The valance social media and website addresses can now be personalized to the individual bases, bolstering the local outreach efforts. The back wall now displays the current IMCOM insignia, deletes the obsolete web address, while again offering visible space for the local program digital resources.

Tiered pricing for these tents is offered for the Standard, Deluxe, Premium and Elite Models. The difference between models lies in the hardware quality and length of warranties, as the canopy and backwall material remains the same.


img-res21-boss-tds-tt--TABLE COVERS

To compliment the BOSS tent is a new 'outdoor' table cover. The heavier fabric and fitted construction ensures it will stay in place in windy conditions. The VOSS graphics reflects and reinforces the backwall messaging, adding to the professionalism of the program.  Additional interior table covers are listed as well.  


img-res21-boss-tds-tt--SAIL FLAGS

These BOSS 10' Streamline Rectangle Double-Sided Sail Signs are available with ground spikes or scissors bases for hard surface applications.  The carbon composite poles are strong and flexible and extend the flags for maximum message viewing.  The sails also contain a lightweight block-out strip for increased flying.  Buy a pair to increase the BOSS tent visual display, buy several to enhance the branding impact during special events or to bring passing traffic attention to program office location.


img-res21-boss-tds-fl-dsp-- FLOOR DISPLAYS

The GEOMETRIX FLOOR DISPLAY #337109 provides the BOSS programs with an eye-catching, contemporarily styled advertising platform. Its modular, lightweight design delivers maximum program visibility in high traffic areas. IMCOM deployed these in 2012, with (1) known photo refresh later that year. McGRAPHIX AP updated the large panel graphics with the ‘current’ HQ BOSS program website address. This provides accurate global program information to the viewing audience, while also offering additional ‘copy area’ for base information.

Additional floor displays exist offering the BOSS programs more traditional photo backdrops for raising the social media and print media presence of the program.  These include the Show N' Rise #339011, previously provided to IMCOM Europe and the Splash Displays #341009.  Both are step and repeat displays, offering programs a large visual interior display comparable in stature to the outdoor tents. 


img-res21-boss-tds--tnt-240639 RETRACTORS

 This (3) unit BOSS PILLAR RETRACTOR SET #261118 is available for refreshed photo imagery and hardware upgrade.  The  Display Showcase product page lists the image specifications for new photo submissions by either base or regional programs.

These new retractors provide a tension setting, so the new full-size imagery will ‘always’ look sharp. Additional retractor product references are provided delivering outdoor ballast and side by side magnetic connecting features.  The outdoor set allows for an expansive tent visual display, while the interior magnetic delivers a seamless advertising platform. 



img-res21-boss-tds--tnt-240639 TABLE DISPLAY

The DRY ERASE TABLE TOP DISPLAY #142008 is a versatile and portable communication platform, offering simple real-time messaging for meeting and special event announcements. This unique display features a dry-erase board on one side, while the other side provides a loop fabric that is compatible with velcro fasteners.

Placed atop the BOSS Table Throw, this complimentary platform becomes an informative and eye-catching magnet.




img-res21-boss-tds--tnt-240639 FLOOR MATS

With floor mats, the white text in the full color BOSS logo presents a dirt accumulation issue. This is resolved by using the free-standing BOSS text component of the logo.  Posted in the Floor Mats area is a popular, high-quality USA MADE INDOOR 3’ X 5’ BOSS FLOOR MAT, easily personalized for individual programs.

Other sizes and styles are found in our Facility Floor Mats catalog under the Tents - Displays - Signs section.





Banners come in almost unlimited sizes and in (10) different material options for both indoor and outdoor exposures.  This one is a 4' x 8' satin banner that has a formal appearance and elegant finish for indoor events, interior wall display and lightweight travel for adventurous photo ops.  Standard finish is sewn with both top and bottom pole pockets. Other finishing options are available.  Don't leave post without it!


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