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Starting Gate

Review the product areas of our site and communicate the selected product information and customization requirements. This can be easily accomplished via email or with the (2) quote forms to the right.  From this initial communication, we can begin to understand the product, artwork, timelines and special requirements.

Once received, McGRAPHIX Advertising Products prepares and e-mails a Purchase Agreement PDF file outlining the project, budget and funding requirements.

During the process, you can expect the following:

  • A KNOWLEDGEABLE professional to decipher requirements

  • Product & decorating CONSULTATION

  • REVIEW of artwork & affiliated applications

  • CONCISE budgetary information

  • Production Artwork ASSURANCES


  • Scheduling & Shipment COMMUNICATIONS

  • TIMELY & ACCURATE billing

  • Post-delivery FOLLOW-UP


Project Pricing

We custom quote all prospective orders. Why?

  • Every project is both important and unique

  • All artwork must be designed for the application

  • Inventory is verified prior to production

  • Event timelines often require enhanced delivery management

  • Larger dollar thresholds receive greater volume discounts


Order Process

Once the approved Purchase Agreement is returned, the production process begins:
  • Order processing

  • Artwork development, posting, review and approval

  • Scheduling

  • Production

  • Packaging, shipment & tracking

  • Emailed Billing

  • Delivery

  • Follow-up


badge reels



Apparel Embroidery & Print Pricing

McGRAPHIX Advertising Products provides this quote request form to outline the necessary information to price your apparel project




Decorating Overview

A) Embroidery
  • Offers lower decorating volumes

  • Design stitch count drives $, not the # of colors

  • 1st order file digitizing set-up is required


B) Printing

  • Each design color incurs a set-up and print fee

  • Press set-ups occur on both initial and re-orders

  • Minimum order print quantities are required