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Hitting a high note consistently is usually left to those with perfectly forged vocal cords.  In the world of advertise messaging, direct access to professional imagery now allows for high note results time after time





Make it REAL

Full color, four color process, digital printing essentially mean the same thing in today's print production environment.  Technology has driven down the cost of this unlimited color application to unprecedented levels.  These techniques are most easily applied to two of our main product categories:

  • Exhibit, Banner & Conference Display Products

  • Decals, Labels, Stickers, Permits, Magnets & Yard Signs

Online Archives

To create an effective message in today's environment, you need all the specialized visual personnel including marketing, graphics and program personnel from the business unit being touted.   To ramp up the visual display options, McGRAPHIX uses one of the many online image archives to support our client's efforts.

123 Royalty Free Imagery

A large subscription site of professional photography and images clients can incorporate into their digital files for production or for web postings.  Keep in mind, that most of the images are in RGB format.  This is a web and photographic based color model.  For printing, color is converted to a CMYK format and this conversion should be professionally managed for optimum results
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Light Speed

Using this image archives provides our clients with the following:

  • Allows them to enhance advertising image results

  • Effectively manage their time with a simple image review and select process

  • Lower the artwork development costs by eliminating the standard McGRAPHIX research and present efforts under contract

Going into proposals, our clients can pre-select the specific image they want in the final advertising message while eliminating the trial and error time of our staff having to performing this research effort under contract.

For additional artwork information, please see our
Electronic Artwork Submission Guidelines

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