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Electronic Artwork
Submission Guidelines

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Several pre-submission points to consider prior to sending commercial artwork to McGRAPHIX for ad product production. 

Artwork CMYK

Program Versions

Vector Image files for Spot Color Printing or Digital Four Color Process Productions

  • Adobe Illustrator CS6 (AI, EPS)

  • Corel Draw X3 or 13 (CDR)

Bitmap Image files for Simulated Process Screen Printing Productions

  • Adobe Photoshop (PSD)

Bitmap Image files for Digital Four Color Process Productions

  • Adobe Photoshop CS2 (PSD, .TIF)

  • Corel Photo Paint X3 (CPT)

  • Adobe Acrobat (PDF)

Printing Color Modules

Bitmap Images

  • Spot color printing requires the use of the Pantone Solid Color palette in vector based files. CMYK 100% Black is the black assignment color. Any pixilated images must be submitted at 100% black. Pixilated files can only be printed as one color artwork.

  • Bitmap color printing requires submitted artwork images be provided at 300 dpi. Some larger dimensional artwork can be compiled for 200 dpi output.

McGRAPHIX can accept bitmap images. If the artwork is created in a bitmap program, each additive color must be layered separately and each image generated to size. Layering features must be maintained in the submitted file (Do not flatten). If bitmap images must be enlarged, they will become jagged. Therefore, pixilated images need to be submitted at 100% scale or scanned at a resolution to accommodate the necessary production size.

Large Format Artwork Preparation

Font & File Information

  • Insure that all fonts are converted to paths, curves or outlines

  • Include all placed images within the artwork file. This includes scanned and bitmapped images

File Transfers

Color Pallets

  • Artwork no larger than 4.0 mb can be emailed directly to McGRAPHIX


  • For larger files, please utilize the free 2GB file transfer service at  This FTP service provides a convenient non-mail server method to deliver large files to our email address above.

  • If the file(s) exceed 4.0 mb, please use a compression utility to compress the file(s). Preferred utility is WinZip.

Within the graphics software application, please use the Pantone Colors Pallets when assigning color to art or text. Use only solid color or CMYK values. Using RGB for any printing project will cause unnecessary delays, additional expense and color production issues.

Always reference the industry's Pantone Color Guidebooks when assigning color to artwork files. This is the only method the industry can use to monitor color in production applications. Computer monitors colors are unreliable and in RGB format. When assigning CMYK colors, use only the values contained with the Pantone Process Color Guidebook and code them in the artwork file with the assigned Pantone Guidebook numbers.

Additional Information

123 Royalty Free Imagery for Digital Printing Artwork

  • A hard copy of the file (.PDF File) should be sent with all electronic artwork. If files are sent via e-mail, a submitted color proof is helpful to verify output.

  • McGRAPHIX has a professional staff that can develop custom artwork for logo identification or event productions. For further information, please contact us directly.

A large subscription site of professional photography and images clients can incorporate into their digital files for production or for web postings.  Keep in mind, that most of the images are in RGB format.  This is a web and photographic based color model.  For printing, color is converted to a CMYK format and this conversion should be professionally managed for optimum results.