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McGRAPHIX provides MWR with a large selection of modern apparel products available for organizational branding, i.e. embroidery and printing.  Our extensive apparel network provides over 80 popular retail and industry brands in a dozen broad product categories, delivering over 5,000 apparel solutions to meet just about any budgetary price point and organizational requirement.

Comet vs. Text For Branding

Our extensive archives of BOSS program logos has accumulated from interaction with the IMCOM BOSS Program Office and installations around the world.  Our commercial graphics capability allows us to enhance, and personalize these logos for most production requirements.  Prior to production, we proof all new artwork via our website with an email link sent to our clients.

BOSS Logos

The BOSS logo production options are extensive.  The simplest categorization of the production logos can be described under the following three categories:

  • BOSS Comet Tail, Full Color Blend
    -  Embroidered Image Size  3.75w x 1.5h | above the heart on jackets and shirts or on a front cap panel
    -  Screen Printed Full, Image Size : 11W x 5.5h
    -  Screen Printed Above Heart, Image Size  3.85w x 1.5h

  • BOSS Comet Tail, Black & White
    -  Embroidered Image Size  3.75w x 1.5h | above the heart on jackets and shirts or on a front cap panel
    -  Screen Printed Full, Image Size : 11W x 5.5h
    -  Screen Printed Above Heart, Image Size  3.85w x 1.5h

  • BOSS text
    -  Embroidered Image Size  3.75w x 1.5h | above the heart on jackets and shirts or on a front cap panel
    -  Screen Printed Full, Image Size : 11W x 5.5h
    -  Screen Printed Above Heart, Image Size  2.75w x 1.35h

  • The Voice of the Single Soldier
    -  Screen Printed Full, Image Size : 12W x 4.4h
    -  Screen Printed Above Heart, Image Size 3.5w x 1.25h

  • Let Your Voice be Heard
    -  Screen Printed Full, Image Size : 12W x 3.5h
    -  Screen Printed Above Heart, Image Size  3.5w x 1.0h

The BOSS text imagery is an easy to use logo variant providing an expanded advertising production capability and is used extensively by the program offices. 

Section I.   Embroidery

Embroidery is accomplished with the aid of a computer file.  Unlike screen-printing, the number of colors in an embroidery design do not generally drive the production costs.  Design size is the main driver behind embroidery decorating cost.  This is commonly referred to as the stich count and impacts the design thread cost and the machine run time.  The BOSS logo examples below are archived by McGRAPHIX and are available for production without addition fees to the ordering program.  For personalizing the logo with a base name, a new production file is required and a nominal preparatory fee is charged.

To add a base name to the embroidery, a new production file is required and a nominal preparation fee is charged.  The base name is typically placed in the bottom right quadrant of the logo or text.  This newly developed file remains in archives and alleviates the need for any future set-up fees as long as the same file is used.

BOSS Embroidery

Section II.   Screen-Printing

Screen-printing requires the use of both output film and fine mesh screens to print the image on the apparel item.  One set is required for each artwork color component.  Unlike embroidery, this requires labor intervention to create and set-up the presses for each production run.  Subsequent to each order, the film is retained but the screens are washed and reused.  As a result, the incurrence of set-ups fees is general practice for most industry printing requirements.

Unlike embroidery with a production expense driven by design size, the number of design colors in an image print drives the set-up and production fees.  Fees can be further impacted by the necessity to print a design onto a colored material background, as opposed to a white material surface.

White vs. Colored Apparel Printing

Apparel screen-printing on colored material stock is similar to painting a dark wall with a light color.  The surface must be prepared prior to applying the final ink color.  This is referred to as an underbase coat, similar to a primer.  The underbase is usually white ink and prints onto the shirt where the final artwork ink colors will reside.  This base coat is heated to dry and the finishing ink colors are added.  Since this underbase coat is not 100% opaque, a finish white ink is added to the presswork when white is found in the artwork design. 

Printing on a white material background avoids the necessity for an underbase and a finish white ink saving two design set-ups and the associated ink printing fees.

Design Options

For apparel printing, the BOSS logo has over a dozen design options available.  They include the full color blended logo, the two-color version, the text only version, the VOSS message graphics, full and heart size prints.  If you add these variances to include design files required to print on white versus colored garments, and the four-color process file required to accomplish digital printing requirements on promotional and exhibit display products, this can grow to well over  twenty-five separate files.  This is a reflection of the extensive BOSS program archives managed by McGRAPHIX.

As with embroidery, the following tables demonstrate the design and print options available with the BOSS logo.

BOSS T-Shirts 1

BOSS T-Shirts 2

BOSS T-Shirts 3

Buying Tips

    The BOSS logo for embroidery and screen-printing is interchangeable.  In other words, apparel items that are embroidery receptive, can receive either the blended, black & white or the BOSS text version without additional fees as long as the standard logo is used in the existing format and size.  For screen-printed apparel items, one can select any single or combination of logos in multiple locations (Request a quote from McGRAPHIX as additional set-up and running fees will apply).

    These shirts are not as receptive as 100% cotton to large areas of ink coverage.  Due to their moisture wicking properties, covering the material surfaces with design inks inhibit the shirts wicking capability.  Secondly, polyester material is not receptive to the heating required between ink coats for large multi-colored artwork that one would normally find on cotton t-shirts.  For moisture wicking shirts, keep the decorating small and simple.  Finally, it is always best to purchase a polyester shirt that states they contain an anti-microbial treatment.  This treatment inhibits perspiration odor retention common with 100% polyester materials.

    The BOSS blended logo is considered a four-color process image, an image file more conducive to printing catalogs and magazines than apparel.  In our industry, this image type works well in digital print and promotional product printing where a transfer film process is used to apply the logo to the product.  Many of these production processes require significant upfront costs to produce this type of formatted logo.  In addition, a true four-color process print on a T-shirt tends to result in a muted or dull design.  To offset this, McGRAPHIX uses a simulated process procedure for printing the blended BOSS logo on apparel.  This is accomplished by premixing vibrant opaque apparel inks and printing the blend with three different colors.  The left lime color would prints first, followed by the right blue and then finishing with a middle turquoise.  In so doing, the design finishes bright and sharp.

    Unlike the BOSS screen-printed logo, the center background turquoise color in the blended embroidery logo is achieved by overlapping two thread colors.  The lime color from the left in brought to the middle while the blue from the right overlaps the lime in a scattered pattern to create the illusion of a third middle color.

    Windshirts are manufactured with or without a lining.  Generally, unless listed with a mesh lining, lined windshirts tend to be warmer, reducing the length of time they can be worn comfortably.  On the other hand, unlined windshirts act mostly as a wind burier and an additional layer against cooler temperatures.  The unlined tend to be more popular when coupled with athletics.

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