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McGRAPHIX provides MWR with a large selection of modern apparel products available for organizational branding and staff apparel outfitting.  Our extensive industry network developed over thirty years provides access to over 80 popular retail and industry brands, in a dozen broad product categories, delivering over 5,000 solutions to meet just about any budgetary price point and organization requirement.

Embroidery Logo vs. Text | Size Option

In years past, the MWR logo was easily embroidered and the size was balanced with regards to the apparel location .  However, with the current version the lengthy small  text across the bottom requires an increase in size in order to legibly produce.  The reason is embroidery requires minimal line thicknesses in order to sew legibly. 

To sew the current U.S. Army MWR logo requires a minimum 3.2" diameter image size.  With the overall circular format, this appears large on smaller size apparel sizes.  It also adds a heavier density of sewn thread to the underlying garment.  In response, U.S. Army IMCOM HQ’s authorized the use of the U.S. ARMY MWR ‘text option’ for embroidery of less than 4".  The usage notes read as follows: For embroidery image areas less than 4" and including most apparel items, the following logo icons may be used.

MWR Brand Central authorizes the use of the text file version
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For an accurate visual size representation of the embroidery options below, measure and cut out a 3 1/4" circle, a 3.5"w x 1.5"h and 3"w x 1"h rectangle.  Have someone hold them above the heart or locate them yourself and and stand before a mirror.

US MWR Text Personalization      Army MWR Embroidery      Army MWR Embroidery

Emb AMWR LogoEmb AMWR Text

Embroidery is accomplished with the aid of a computer file.  Unlike screen-printing, the number of colors in an embroidery design do not 'generally drive the production costs.  Rather, design size is the main driver behind embroidery decorating fees.  This is commonly referred to as the stich count.

To add a base name to the embroidery, a new production file is required and a nominal preparation fee is charged.  The base name is located below the MWR lettering with a 1/4" spacing differential.  This file remains in archives and alleviates the need for any future set-up fees as long as the same file is used.

Smaller Globe Screen Print Option for Staff Apparel

Certain smooth textured’ polo shirt materials are print receptive and will accept a screen-printed version of the MWR logo.  McGRAPHIX has scaled the print image down to a 2" diameter with excellent production results.

Print Positive Polo Shirt Examples:

  • 100% polyester non-mesh

  • Jersey Knit

  • Interlock

Screen-printing requires the use of both output film and fine mesh screens to print the image on the apparel item.  One set is required for each artwork color component.  Unlike embroidery, this requires labor intervention to create and set-up the presses for each production run.  Subsequent to each order, the film is retained but the screens are washed and reused.  As a result, the incurrence of set-ups fees is general practice for most industry printing requirements.

Unlike embroidery, the number of design colors in an image print drives the set-up and production fees.  Fees can be further impacted by the necessity to print a design onto a colored material background, as opposed to a white underlying surface.

White vs. Colored Apparel Printing

Apparel screen-printing on colored material stock is similar to painting a dark wall with a light color.  The surface must be prepared prior to applying the final ink color.  This is referred to as an underbase, similar to a painting primer.  The underbase is usually white ink and prints onto the shirt where the final artwork ink colors will reside.  This base coat is heated to dry and the finishing ink colors are added.  Since this underbase coat is not 100% opaque, a finish white ink is added to the presswork when white is found in the artwork design.   

U.S. Army MWR Apparel Photo 2 SCP

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