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Founded in 1983, McGRAPHIX Advertising Products delivers high quality, cost competitive advertising product solutions to large organizations involved in Brand, Event and Message Management.  This includes global U.S. Armed Forces programs, U.S. based corporations and government agencies.

Our three decades of industry experience and confident personalized approach, allows us to deliver custom ‘worry free’ solutions in support of client marketing, branding and program communication initiatives.

Our services include graphics, printing, embroidery and production management in the Advertising Display, Staff and Event Apparel and the Five Star sector of the Promotional Products industry.

For project assistance, competitive analysis or to team with a professional organization in the aforementioned product sectors, contact us today. 

Director Level Support

Steve McDonald, Sr. Executive VP Operations
Mr. McDonald manages the production operations and graphic development projects. He is instrumental in the advancement of the firms strategic business alliances and its global reach resulting from his IT network development initiatives.

Al McDonald, Executive VP Business Development
Mr. McDonald has thirty years of government contracting experience, working  lIT projects with IBM and U.S. Armed Forces contracts with McGRAPHIX.  He currently provides client relationship management, proposal and program management support for government and private sector contracts.

Alicia Lockard, Senior Director Graphics
Mrs. Lockard is a Salisbury University Graphic Design School graduate and has 15 years of project management and image development experience.  She offers creative image design solutions for client advertising collateral requirements, while managing both the our collaborative industry relationships and innovative development projects.

What Makes Us A Better Choice?

  • Client-Centric Approach
    We place the most experienced members of the firm on the front lines with our clients.  By so doing, the best exchange of relevant ideas is made available from the project outset.  Industry advice can be comfortably exchanged to optimize the project impact

    In this custom business, you have one chance to get it right.  So our internal systems and those charged with overseeing them, are time tested to assure order accuracy and positive outcomes.  It is all about managing the details.

  • Large Entity Support CAPACITY
    Since 1996, McGRAPHIX has worked globally with U.S. Armed Forces programs.  This relationship has driven our organization's development, adding significantly to our overall service and product capability.  The result is an attentiveness delivered to the needs of the client, prompt communication, world-class support and a perfectionist attitude. 

  • Complete Service Support

    • Initial project review

    • Product selection and optimization

    • Customization evaluation assurance

    • Pre-press management and oversight

    • Production management and scheduling

    • Shipment logistics, notification and tracking

    • Delivery follow-up

  • Trust
    A client once told us that even with all of the advancements in tech, they would never risk their advertising production work with an ecommerce website.   “I want a responsible professional that I can trust to manage and deliver my work without worry.”  This is What We Do!..

Client Benefits

  • Director Level Engagements

  • Quality Productions & On-time Delivery

  • Prompt Communications

  • Competitive Pricing

  • Innovative Solutions

  • Extensive Product Options

  • Worry Free Solutions


Professionally Managed Advertising Product Solutions